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Shag and Frieze Carpet Tool Attachment.

Perfect for hard to clean Shag and Frieze Carpets and Rugs!

The Wessel Work D300SR provides a 12″ wide cleaning path and fits standard 1 ¼” (32mm) vacuum wands with a friction fit. Made in Germany to the highest quality standards this is the perfect vacuum nozzle for hard to clean shag, frieze and other long fiber carpets and rugs. The D300SR vacuum nozzle features a dual row of cleaning tines which gently groom and clean long fiber carpets and rugs in both forward and backward directions. The D300SR’s flexible tines groom and comb long fiber floor coverings to separate soils and clingy debris without damaging the fibers. Unlike traditional shag rake tools, the D300SR works with your vacuum to both clean and groom shag and frieze carpets and rugs.


  • 12” Cleaning Path
  • Cleans both in forward stroke and back stroke
  • Swivel Neck– Enhances ease of use
  • Dual Rake Tine Strips
  • 1 ¼” Friction Fit / “Fit-all Neck”
  • Perfect for hard to clean Shag and Frieze Carpets and Rugs